27 Jan 2014

President Confers Shaurya Chakra To Wing Commander Aditya Prakash Singh Flying (Pilot)

Wing Commander Aditya Prakash Singh Flying (Pilot) is on the posted strength of a Mig-21 Bison Squadron. 

On 30 Apr 13, he was authorized to fly a practice diversion sortie by night on a MiG-21 Bison aircraft to Halwara as a part of his syllabus. 

Approximately 60 Km inbound to Halwara, the battery heavy discharge light came on along with the Master Blinker indicating a failure of the electrical system of the aircraft. 

This resulted in all the cockpit lights slowly fading away and it became difficult for the pilot to read the instruments which are required for safe operation of the aircraft. 

Maintaining his composure and understanding the gravity of the emergency, Wg Cdr Aditya Prakash lowered the undercarriage and flaps to take off position as this would not be possible once the electrical system failed totally. 

The officer had only the pressure instruments and the global positioning system to help him execute the landing. At this stage, disregarding his personal safety, he took a decision to take off his mask and hold the torch in his mouth to illuminate the instruments.

 In this manner, he was able to view the instruments, execute a flawless partial flap landing and recover the aircraft without any damage. 

Once again on the night of 29 Jul 13, a Captain of MiG-21 T-69 trainer flying from the rear seat of the aircraft, the officer experienced a total loss of engine power after a bird hit during the landing phase.

 In spite of all these constraints, Wg Cdr AP Singh was able to successfully establish an engine off glide and land the aircraft safely without any damage.

 In this manner, the officer because of his ability to maintain his composure in a grave emergency situation, courage, creative thinking and professionalism has been able to successfully recover two aircraft at night in limited visibility conditions without any damage and has set an excellent professional example for other to emulate. 

For his acts of exemplary courage and professional handling of aircraft under difficult circumstances Wing Commander Aditya Prakash Singh is recommended for the award of Shaurya Chakra. 

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